Sunday, July 10, 2005


So what is it that we should find important in life? is it the things we possess? is it the friends we have? family? choices like who we love? what about the image we project in relation to our job? what is it that we should hold on to and think about, cherish and adore? is it more fulfilling to have it be a signifigant other, a spouse? does that make life worth living? is it worth searching for, and spending a lifetime looking for? what if there is not a person out there for you? what if your true love died in a fire when you were 12? what if you knew that you would find true love only to lose it a few years later? would you still search for and seak for it? all the pain of loosing that one person is worth it? the pain, the joy, what are we searching for when we go to the singles adds, is it a person that is better than us, that makes us feel significant, or a person that is our missing half and we are only a partial person till we find them? If you knew that you would never find them, would you stop searching and just be happy with yourself? or is that selfish, and we should project ourselves out to the world and be out in the world of supporting other people, not just ourselves, and other people can trample on our feelings at any time? what is the risk, is it ok to feel trampled on at these times or should we decide to be bigger than that and not let it affect us? what is the answer to how far we allow other people to hurt our feelings, and how responsible are we for letting it happen? all questions are valid, but where are the answers?