Monday, June 08, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Dog adoption update

Do not trust this person/organization "pals with tails".
Do not adopt from her!
Due to my unhappy experience with this adoption organization, I have had much grief and lost time, energy, and expense due to her unethical practices.
She has misrepresented the dog I wanted to adopt, and promised a refund, however she has not made good on her promise to me to do this.
In addition, she has dogs running loose outside her house and the interior of her house was so bad she would not allow me to see it.
She feeds the lowest grade of food to her dogs, does not groom them, and allows them to remain untrained and does not provide proper equipment for them.
Do not adopt from her if you want to provide a happy forever home for a dog.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


The dogs have been seized by Ingham co. animal control. I filled out an application with the rescue group, they say it takes a few weeks to complete the approval.
the latest news is the breeder is fighting the surrender of the dogs. she says she was threatened by the authorities that arrived at her home, and had filed a suit against them so the new owners of the dogs might not be able to keep them anyway...
I will just avoid the whole mess for a while, try to be patient, maybe start collecting the necessary supplies for a dog and bide my time. my friend in GR has mailed me his unused leash, collar, and tie-out supplies, so I am collecting already, need a crate, food bowl, brush, shampoo... I have a whole list and when one does come along, I will be ready.
petsmart had a crate for 45. that was 36 inches, that might work for a good price.
I sooo... want to bike ride with the dog, and am researching the spring style leash attachment, it would be so cool to walk the beach, let the dog fetch frisbees in the waves.. idylic summer moments watching the sunset with a dog by my side...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm bummed, the seemingly kind lady that offered me a free aussie dog
that "just needs a good home" has done a turnabout and now says I
cannot have him, in 2 days the story changed completely. SHE was the
one who said, take him for a week, and you will love him, then I
arrange to pick him up to try him out, see if he gets along with my
cats, and she says she cannot do it, she needs 100% committment from me
on it... wait, she is the one that broke a comittment, to give him to
me, to meet on a certain day... and she is blaming me! Why can't people
just be honest and say that they changed their mind, some how the blame
always has to be the other guy, no one accepts the responsibility for
their own words and actions.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cracks me up

stuff and things that make me happy

I have always been interested in antiques, I have been in a anti-tech mode since this summer.
My latest has been PPM's people powered machines, treadle sewing machines, like Singer, White, Domestic. Isn't there one hanging around in everyones basement, attic, garage? There were millions made in the last hundred years. Here is a few shots of the ones I now own, for free or minimal cost:
check the sets to the right.
various albums of each machine.
They join the oil lamps as an alternitive to electric powered accessories, and activities.
If you notice on the flickr site, there is now a companion to the rocking chair, sharing the imagined heat from the fireplace, a fellow rocker of the same manufacturing company, I am sure, as the thing from the arms down is almost an exact match. Down to the exact pattern of spindles, bars across the bottom under the bentwood seat, and same creaking sound when in movement.
I am now researching rocking chair companies, I am thinking it might be a Murphy chair co. Detroit make, or similiar in Michigan, Grand Rapids area.
They make a nice pair, a his 'n hers set.
His, darker and simpler, straigher, plain back that reminds me of a wicker shape, with the spindles all in a row.
Hers, fancy, curved, with elegant pressed back, almost a "Boston" type of rocker.
They are also an excellent height to treadle from.
This new (old) rocker has the original finish, poor in some areas, and very dark. I am sure the lovely quarter sawn oak would glow if I stripped it, but I am pondering if I should, the worn areas of finish tell a tale of many hours of use, I imagine someones' Grandpa sitting there, wearing the finish off the arms, and the spindles of the back, the rockers show wear from use on the bottom, and also a doggie bite or two on the ends. The finish has gone to alligator in some areas, from a lifetime of use, nothing wrong with that, mind you.
They look very appropriate here, both are very beautiful.
Here is a related link:
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Collection of FARK headlines:

Man goes after his brother with a hatchet because he was playing the stereo too loud. Tries to turn him into a half-brother.
Man fails to see the funny side after doctor who is treating him for depression has an affair with his wife.
In America when it snows people stock up on milk, bread and toilet paper. In Britain it's whiskey and cat litter.
Comcast inserted 30 seconds of full-frontal porn into Super Bowl broadcast in Tucson. Top that, Janet Jackson.
Really, what Jane Austen novel couldn't be improved by adding zombies?

Sunday, July 10, 2005


So what is it that we should find important in life? is it the things we possess? is it the friends we have? family? choices like who we love? what about the image we project in relation to our job? what is it that we should hold on to and think about, cherish and adore? is it more fulfilling to have it be a signifigant other, a spouse? does that make life worth living? is it worth searching for, and spending a lifetime looking for? what if there is not a person out there for you? what if your true love died in a fire when you were 12? what if you knew that you would find true love only to lose it a few years later? would you still search for and seak for it? all the pain of loosing that one person is worth it? the pain, the joy, what are we searching for when we go to the singles adds, is it a person that is better than us, that makes us feel significant, or a person that is our missing half and we are only a partial person till we find them? If you knew that you would never find them, would you stop searching and just be happy with yourself? or is that selfish, and we should project ourselves out to the world and be out in the world of supporting other people, not just ourselves, and other people can trample on our feelings at any time? what is the risk, is it ok to feel trampled on at these times or should we decide to be bigger than that and not let it affect us? what is the answer to how far we allow other people to hurt our feelings, and how responsible are we for letting it happen? all questions are valid, but where are the answers?