Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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I have always been interested in antiques, I have been in a anti-tech mode since this summer.
My latest has been PPM's people powered machines, treadle sewing machines, like Singer, White, Domestic. Isn't there one hanging around in everyones basement, attic, garage? There were millions made in the last hundred years. Here is a few shots of the ones I now own, for free or minimal cost:
check the sets to the right.
various albums of each machine.
They join the oil lamps as an alternitive to electric powered accessories, and activities.
If you notice on the flickr site, there is now a companion to the rocking chair, sharing the imagined heat from the fireplace, a fellow rocker of the same manufacturing company, I am sure, as the thing from the arms down is almost an exact match. Down to the exact pattern of spindles, bars across the bottom under the bentwood seat, and same creaking sound when in movement.
I am now researching rocking chair companies, I am thinking it might be a Murphy chair co. Detroit make, or similiar in Michigan, Grand Rapids area.
They make a nice pair, a his 'n hers set.
His, darker and simpler, straigher, plain back that reminds me of a wicker shape, with the spindles all in a row.
Hers, fancy, curved, with elegant pressed back, almost a "Boston" type of rocker.
They are also an excellent height to treadle from.
This new (old) rocker has the original finish, poor in some areas, and very dark. I am sure the lovely quarter sawn oak would glow if I stripped it, but I am pondering if I should, the worn areas of finish tell a tale of many hours of use, I imagine someones' Grandpa sitting there, wearing the finish off the arms, and the spindles of the back, the rockers show wear from use on the bottom, and also a doggie bite or two on the ends. The finish has gone to alligator in some areas, from a lifetime of use, nothing wrong with that, mind you.
They look very appropriate here, both are very beautiful.
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