Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm bummed, the seemingly kind lady that offered me a free aussie dog
that "just needs a good home" has done a turnabout and now says I
cannot have him, in 2 days the story changed completely. SHE was the
one who said, take him for a week, and you will love him, then I
arrange to pick him up to try him out, see if he gets along with my
cats, and she says she cannot do it, she needs 100% committment from me
on it... wait, she is the one that broke a comittment, to give him to
me, to meet on a certain day... and she is blaming me! Why can't people
just be honest and say that they changed their mind, some how the blame
always has to be the other guy, no one accepts the responsibility for
their own words and actions.

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