Sunday, May 03, 2009


The dogs have been seized by Ingham co. animal control. I filled out an application with the rescue group, they say it takes a few weeks to complete the approval.
the latest news is the breeder is fighting the surrender of the dogs. she says she was threatened by the authorities that arrived at her home, and had filed a suit against them so the new owners of the dogs might not be able to keep them anyway...
I will just avoid the whole mess for a while, try to be patient, maybe start collecting the necessary supplies for a dog and bide my time. my friend in GR has mailed me his unused leash, collar, and tie-out supplies, so I am collecting already, need a crate, food bowl, brush, shampoo... I have a whole list and when one does come along, I will be ready.
petsmart had a crate for 45. that was 36 inches, that might work for a good price.
I sooo... want to bike ride with the dog, and am researching the spring style leash attachment, it would be so cool to walk the beach, let the dog fetch frisbees in the waves.. idylic summer moments watching the sunset with a dog by my side...

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